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I graduated from the Medical University with the title of Master of Cosmetology.

Owing to the skills acquired during the studies, the training and my numerous years of work, I am able to precisely diagnose the problem and the proper selection of the care program. I continue to take an active part in many training courses, various exhibitions and symposia addressing beauty care issues so as to always offer you what is the best and most effective on the cosmetic market.

My beauty salon is equipped with high quality facilities and professional cosmetics.

All treatments and professional advice are individually tailored to every customer.

I always try to create welcoming and friendly atmosphere so that the customer would be satisfied with the offered treatment and the time spent in my salon would be nice relaxation.

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Master of Cosmetology
Joanna Pleban

Face treatments

Magnetic Moisturizing Force

This treatment is to restore the proper hydration and oxygenation of your skin! The use of highly concentrated serums and other drugs from the Oxy Hydro line raises the level of skin hydration by 40%. We recommend this treatment for people with dehydrated skin and after sun exposure. It can be used regardless of age and seasons, the cosmetics in the treatment are chosen individually to the needs and condition of the skin.

INDICATIONS FOR TREATMENT: Dehydrated and dull skin with oxygen deficiency, recovery from overexposure to the sun

EFFECTS OF TREATMENT: Immediate improvement of hydration, smoothness and elasticity of the skin, perfect make-up base

Perfectly Clean and Matt Skin

The treatment with Dermasebum cosmetics effectively and lastingly normalizes oily skin, acne or mixed. It regulates the excess sebum production, reduces the formation of blackheads and inflammations.

INDICATIONS FOR TREATMENT: seborrhoea, acne and impure skin

EFFECTS OF TREATMENT: Purified, clear and bright skin, preventing and easing the inflammation

Luxury For Mature Skin

Due to hormonal changes mature skin can appear not only less firm, but also may loose some moisture and shine. The products with caviar and the DNA used in the treatment apparently regenerate the lipid layer of the skin. With the right methods of application of cosmetics, the skin after the treatment is more tense, nourished and visibly radiant.

INDICATIONS FOR TREATMENT: Mature, wrinkle-prone skin, requiring improvement of tension and firming, nourishing and regenerating

EFFECTS OF TREATMENT: Improved contours of your face, immediate lift, improved skin condition, reduction in wrinkles, skin hydration and illumination

Soothing Sensitive Skin

Treatments based on Sensitive Line are the option for sensitive or allergic skin, redness or rosacea. Original components reinforce the walls of blood components by limiting the formation of erythema. The skin after the procedure is perfectly moisturized and the blood vessels become less visible.

INDICATIONS FOR TREATMENT: Sensitive or irritated skin, after the manual cleansing treatments or treatments with acids, after intense sun exposure

EFFECTS OF TREATMENT: Soothing, calming, strengthening the capillaries, moisturizing the irritated skin

Vitamin Booster

The treatment restores healthy skin tone and eliminates tension. The soft consistency of the cosmetics used and their appetizing fruity fragrance increase the comfort of application. Their ingredients bring immediate relief and intensive nutrition during the treatments. The skin is visibly refreshed and radiant.

INDICATIONS FOR TREATMENT: Dehydrated, dry, rough, taut skin, exposed to adverse external factors

EFFECTS OF TREATMENT: Restored flexibility and healthy color, eliminating the feeling of tension, improved functioning of the protective barrier of the skin

Manual Cleansing:

The classic procedure of manual and deep skin cleansing that restores radiant look and the feeling of comfort. From the simplest cleaning treatment of a very young complexion to the one with full care Clarena comsetics or in connection with the application of almond scrub for the most demanding complexion.


is obtained by hydrolysis of the extract of bitter almonds. For many years, doctors and beauticians have used its antibacterial, antimycotic and discoloring features. Mandelic acid peel gives the effect of marked improvement in shallow wrinkles, brightens irregular surface discoloration and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation and reduces melasma. Because of its antibacterial properties, it can be significantly helpful in the improvement of the skin with acne, comedones and pustules, as well as in reducing the presence of inflammation. The great advantage of almond scrub is negligible risk of discoloration and the ability to perform the treatment throughout the year.


has a very strong exfoliating action. It reduces thickness of an overgrown corneal layer of epidermis, eliminates spots, increases synthesis of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycanes (GAG). It also improves epidermis permeability, dynamics of depigmenting agents and vitamin penetration through epidermis. Improved skin condition, reduced wrinkles and symptoms of acne, tightened pores, removed discolorations and, after a series of treatments, the firmness of the skin significantly improved – are all the invaluable properties of the glycolic acid.

Closing capillaries

The problem of opening capillaries affects many people. To combat this problem, we should use specially selected cosmetics, which seal the blood vessels. If the capillary is opened, we can easily close it and seal. One of the most effective methods of closing blood vessels is the method of electrocautery. Electrocoagulation treatment is very safe and short. Beautician performing the treatment does not hurt the skin and affects only the spot where the capillary is open, which is treated with the electrode. The electrical impulses then shear the protein, capillary itself is closed and sealed. The method used makes the procedure aseptic and less painful. For the smaller capillaries 1-2 treatments are sufficient, for the larger ones or open networks we prepare special treatments and set individual appointments. The effects of closed blood vessels are visible immediately after the surgery, but the healing process takes an average of 1-2 weeks. Capillaries can be closed up at any time of year, however winter is not advisable to perform such operations because of too much temperature fluctuation. After about three weeks we invite the client again to evaluate the effectiveness of the method and shut any other blood vessels if needed (for free).

Removing milia, fibroids and warts

By using the method of electrocoagulation we can also get rid of the fibroids, milia, and warts. The effects are visible immediately after the surgery and the healing period is 2-3 weeks. Electrocautery treatments are very safe and carried out in sterile environment.


Needle-free mesotherapy

uses in its action electroporation. It involves using a special electromagnetic current occurring in the form of pulses. It reaches into the skin, as well as through the cell membrane into the cell, which makes this therapy very effective. The aim of the needle-free mesotherapy is rejuvenation, normalizing, revitalizing, moisturizing, toning, lightening stains or  spots, smoothing wrinkles, lifting and reduction of cellulite, fatty tissues, stretch marks, firming of the bust. It is a painless procedure.

The effects of the camere include:

  • skin firmness
  • revitalization and improved color
  • hydration and oxygenation
  • rejuvenation
  • improved seal of the blood vessels
  • sagging skin removed and scars softened
  • acne and frostbite alleviated

Foot Treatments


Beautiful nails

This treatment includes

  • nail shaping
  • cuticle trim
  • nails painting
  • moisturizing cream application

Basic pedicure

This treatment includes

  • beheading of calloused heel skin
  • removing the epidermis using milling machines
  • nail shaping
  • cuticle trim
  • whole foot scrub
  • moisturizing cream application

Basic pedicure + nails painting

This treatment is very similar to the Basic pedicure + nails painting